Live Blood Analysis

The use of high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe live & dry blood  cells by taking a few drops of your blood, taken from your finger, then placed underneath a microscope at 100x. Allows one to see how your blood flows and detect signs of inflammation and other anomalies that could be effecting your health, energy levels and if you have an active immune response.

Initial Consultation


$300 90minutes

This consultation allows us to make 12+ test and observations, allowing us to treat your body as a whole in part.  By taking a holistic approach to be able to analyze thru different avenues; Live Blood, Dry Blood, Urine, BMI testing, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, Glucose, Blood Type, Oxygen, Saliva, Skin, Tongue, Nails &  Face mapping.




Follow-Up Consultation 

(done 6-8 Weeks post initial consultation)


$195 60minutes

This consultation allows us to re-evaluate lifestyle and nutritional changes and supplementations effect on the body’s healing and anomaly reversal found in initial consultation. A retest of 12+ test and observations, allowing us to re-analyze; Live Blood, Dry Blood, Urine, BMI testing, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, Glucose, Oxygen, Saliva, Skin, Tongue, Nails &  Face mapping.






Fruits will be available for consumption post testing 

Please be advise must be on an empty stomach before testing at least 6hrs prior.

 Shoes must be taken off along with socks once you enter Consultation room 

Cancellation and Booking Policies




All appointments require a 50% deposit at time of booking. This applies to all services and packages. Any last minute cancellations or no shows, your deposit will become non-refundable.

IF and only IF we are able to rebook the appointment time slot, will we credit your account for rebooking. We do not provide REFUNDS.

Please plan to arrive 10min early to your appointment. If you show up late we will do our best to try to provide full time for service if possible otherwise time will be cut based on tardiness.

We try our hardest to accommodate everyone. We know emergencies happen and life can sometimes take over and that’s why communication is very important for a smooth experience.

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