Hair Removal

These are often called waxing contraindications when it could be harmful to you to use this hair removal method.


You currently take Accutane or have stopped taking it less than a year ago.
You’re taking any prescription acne medication.
You have lupus or AIDS.
You’re in cancer therapy getting chemotherapy or radiation.
CAUTION: when you’re on blood thinners, RETIN-A and antibiotics

Things you can do to prepare for waxing:

Let it grow…but not too long.
Exfoliating before waxing keeps the dead skin cells at bay, and it allows hairs to break through the surface.
Moisturize days leading up to the waxing and also after.
Take an Advil or Aleve 45min before appointment.
Try to use a daily serum for ingrown hairs, and always exfoliate to keep your skin soft and smooth in between waxes.


Includes removal of hair in the pubic, shaft, groin, testicles, taint & anus regions.



Back $60
Back & Shoulders $75
Stomach $35
Chest $35
Stomach & Chest $60
Underarms $15
Ears $15
Nostrils $15
Knuckles $15
Feet & Toes $20
Full arms $65
Half arms $35
Full legs $95
Half legs $50
Buttocks $30
Anus $20
Full body Wax $250

Alternative body grooming options also available for men, like trimming if you’re not quite ready for the Wax experience.


Includes removal of hair in the pubic, bikini, outer and inner lips & anus regions.



Upper lip $10
Chin $10
Sideburns $15
Full face $60
Underarms $15
Navel $10
Full arms $60
Half arm $40
Knuckles $15
Anus $20
Bikini $40
Full legs $80
Half legs $45
Feet & toes $20

Lazer hair Removal

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“Love this place, Vanessa does a fantastic job waxing me each and every time. My girlfriend loves going to her as well.”
“I love this place so much. Vanessa is the best, she treats me great. She [is] super professional during a Manzilian and she manages to make it a fun laughing experience instead of an awkward one and she does an amazing massage and facial.”
“This place was cozy and an overall great experience. Vanessa took aloof the awkwardness of the waxing experience right out of the rom and makes you feel super comfortable. She also worked with me when using an expired certificate, which showed excellent customer service! I’m sure I’ll be back.”